1. Utilize quotes for precise phrase searches:
    This strategy is well-known and remarkably effective. When you enclose a phrase in quotation marks, your search will exclusively retrieve results that contain those exact words in the same order. This proves to be an indispensable search tip, especially when you're on the hunt for specific phrases.
  2. Harness an asterisk within quotes to specify unknown or variable words:
    Here's a lesser-known but powerful technique: searching a phrase in quotes with an asterisk substituting a word will scour all conceivable variations of that phrase. This comes in handy when you're trying to identify a song from its lyrics but couldn't discern the entire phrase (e.g., "imagine all the * living for today") or when you aim to discover all forms of an expression (e.g., "* is thicker than water").
  3. Employ the minus sign to exclude results containing specific words:
    If you wish to omit results that include certain words, this is the method for you. It's particularly useful when you're in pursuit of a term that's generating numerous results that don't align with your interests. Identify the terms you'd rather not see (e.g., Toyota -car) and relaunch your search.
  4. Access historical news archives dating back to the mid-1880s:
    Google News offers the remarkable capability to explore over a century's worth of archived news from newspapers worldwide.
  5. Conduct targeted keyword searches within websites: Visualize the "site:"
    function as a Google search tool exclusively focused on a specific website. To see every mention of Google on TIME.com, use the search "Google site:TIME.com."
  6. Leverage "DEFINE:" to uncover word meanings, including slang:
    Simplify your dictionary exploration by using phrases like "DEFINE: mortgage." For words found in the dictionary, you'll gain access to etymology and usage trends alongside definitions. Google also delves into the web to define slang terms and acronyms. Experiment with "DEFINE: bae" or "DEFINE: SMH."
  7. Compare food items using "vs":
    Facing a culinary dilemma? Unable to choose between a Sushi or Thai for dinner? Type in "Sushi vs. Thai food," for instance, and you'll receive side-by-side nutritional comparisons to aid your decision.
  8. Refine search results for recipes:
    After searching for your favorite dish, click on "Search Tools" located just below the search bar. You'll be able to filter recipes based on ingredients, cooking time, and calorie count. This is a valuable tool, especially if you adhere to specific dietary restrictions.
  9. Experience a playful screen tilt by searching "tilt":
    Here's a whimsical addition introduced by Google engineers. Give it a try yourself (search without quotes).
  10. Reverse image search using images:
    Ever encountered a strangely familiar photo? Or do you want to trace its origin? Save the image, then initiate a reverse image search on Google Images (via the camera button) to discover similar images on the web.
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